Does Sensodyne work on Cavities ..??

Does Sensodyne works on tooth Cavities.? Potassium nitrate

Sensodyne, a popular brand of toothpaste, is primarily known for its effectiveness in relieving tooth sensitivity. (Does Sensodyne work on Cavities ) While it is not specifically formulated to treat cavities, it can indirectly help prevent the progression of cavities and improve oral health. Cavities- • also known as dental caries, are caused by the … Read more

Does SENSODYNE toothpaste repair cavity..??

SENSODYNE toothpaste for tooth cavity

“ Mam I never had pain in my tooth,why suddenly RCT ..??” In Hindi “mam kanhi dant dard nahi hua ..fir Aaj achanak se RCT kyu..??” This kind of situation we usually face when patients come for tooth filling for any kind of food lodgement/ when patients feel there’s is some issues with their tooth. … Read more