Polydontia: The Fascinating World of Extra Teeth


Polydontia, also known as hyperdontia, is a rare condition that occurs when extra teeth grow in your mouth. While most people have 32 teeth, those with polydontia can have up to 50 or more! The condition affects less than 1% of the population, making it a fascinating topic for discussion. Extra teeth can appear in … Read more

Does SENSODYNE toothpaste repair cavity..??

SENSODYNE toothpaste for tooth cavity

“ Mam I never had pain in my tooth,why suddenly RCT ..??” In Hindi “mam kanhi dant dard nahi hua ..fir Aaj achanak se RCT kyu..??” This kind of situation we usually face when patients come for tooth filling for any kind of food lodgement/ when patients feel there’s is some issues with their tooth. … Read more