Does SENSODYNE toothpaste repair cavity..??

SENSODYNE toothpaste for tooth cavity

“ Mam I never had pain in my tooth,why suddenly RCT ..??” In Hindi “mam kanhi dant dard nahi hua ..fir Aaj achanak se RCT kyu..??” This kind of situation we usually face when patients come for tooth filling for any kind of food lodgement/ when patients feel there’s is some issues with their tooth. … Read more

Charter’s method of Tooth Brushing

charters brushing technique

Charter’s method of tooth brushing / tooth massage -A Valuable supplement in periodontal therapy. Introduction : Charters method of tooth brushing is refers to a temporary technique used in tooth brushing to effectively clean the teeth and gums , specially in patients with periodontal surgery. In this article we will get to know everything about … Read more

Mastering the Modified Bass Technique: Elevating Your Toothbrushing Skills

Modified Bass Method

When it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, one of the most crucial habits to develop is proper toothbrushing technique. While we all know the basics of brushing our teeth, such as moving the brush back and forth, there is a more effective technique that dental professionals highly recommend – the In this article, we … Read more