Does SENSODYNE toothpaste repair cavity..??

“ Mam I never had pain in my tooth,why suddenly RCT ..??”

In Hindi “mam kanhi dant dard nahi hua ..fir Aaj achanak se RCT kyu..??”

This kind of situation we usually face when patients come for tooth filling for any kind of food lodgement/ when patients feel there’s is some issues with their tooth.

Now comming to answer to this question –

No, it’s doesn’t treat / repair cavity.

It just reduce / relieve pain sensation From tooth.

To understand more about this ~

Let’s concentrate on composition of sensodyne toothpaste


Active ingredients – potassium nitrate –

Now let’s understand functions of pottasium nitrate(KNO3)

Potassium nitrate :

– is commonly used in toothpaste for its desensitizing properties. It works by blocking the transmission of nerve signals that cause tooth sensitivity.

When applied topically through toothpaste or dental treatments, potassium nitrate can provide temporary relief from tooth sensitivity by numbing the nerves in the teeth.

However, it is important to note that while potassium nitrate can be effective in reducing tooth sensitivity, it does not address the underlying cause of the sensitivity.


When patients use sensodyne toothpaste continuously or any kind of toothpaste to avoid sensitivity of the tooth.., they tends to supress our natural body signaling system that there is something wrong.

Hence, people either won’t feel sensitivity or pain with any tooth & tends to delay dental checkup leading to more chances of shifting of teeth treatment from NORMAL filling to RCT (root canal treatment).


Don’t use any kind of toothpaste for sensitivity on yours own / on daily basis unless it is recommended by yours dentist.☺️

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