Gingiva Types –

Gingiva types

The Gingiva, also known as the gums, is a vital component of the oral mucosa that surrounds and supports the teeth. It plays a crucial role in maintaining oral health, and its classification into different types is essential for- effective diagnosis and treatment of various periodontal diseases. Gingival types – There are three main types … Read more

Science Behind Sensodyne Toothpaste : Can it Really Provide Long-Lasting Relief from Sensitivity?

Sensodyne toothpaste

Dental sensitivity is a common Dental health that issue that can leave even the most cared oral care routine feeling inadequate. The sharp pain that shoot through the teeth, often triggered by hot or cold temperatures, can be a constant source of discomfort and frustration. For millions of people worldwide, Sensodyne Toothpaste has become a … Read more

Hydrated Silica in Toothpaste

Hydrated Silica in Toothpaste

Hydrated silica in toothpaste , a common ingredient found in many toothpastes, has been a topic of interest for many oral health enthusiasts. But what exactly is hydrated silica, and how does it contribute to a healthy, sparkling smile ? What is hydrated silica .? • Hydrated silica is a form of silicon dioxide, a … Read more