Tounge scrapper / Cleaner –

Tounge scraper/ cleaner

Tounge scraper/ cleaner , a simple yet powerful tool in the quest for optimal oral health and hygiene. While often overlooked, this small, U-shaped device can have a profound impact on our overall wellbeing, from the freshness of our breath to the clarity of our thoughts. Benefits of Tounge scraper / Cleaner – 3.A tongue … Read more

class V Tooth Decay – complete Guide

Class V tooth decay

Class V tooth decay, a type of tooth decay that affects the roots of our teeth, is a common and often overlooked problem that can lead to serious consequences if left untreated. From excruciating pain and abscesses to systemic infections and even life-threatening complications, the hidden dangers of Class V tooth decay are very real. … Read more

Which is the best toothpaste for pyorrhea/ pyria ?

When it comes to management / treatment of Pyorrhea, a condition characterized by gum inflammation and infection, using the right toothpaste / Best toothpaste for pyrrohea can make all the difference. Pyorrhea / Pyria also known as Periodontitis, is a serious gum disease that can lead to –• Swollen, red& bleeding gums• Bad breath• Even … Read more