Pericoronitis or Wisdom tooth infection / INEXPENSIVE Home remedy_ (07/23)

Pericoronitis Home remedies

Pericoronitis is a dental infection which refers to inflammation of gingiva(gum) & surrounding soft tissues of an incompletely / partially erupted tooth. – pericoronitis most commonly affect a wisdom tooth (Mandibular 3Rd molar most frequently affected.)-It occurs when bacteria and food particles become trapped in the space between the gum and the crown of the … Read more

Discover everything about -Halitosis | Bad Breath ..?? -07/23

Halitosis or bad Breath

Halitosis is commonly known as bad breath. It can be embarrassing condition that affects many people. It can have negative impact on our self confidence & social interactions. However with proper understanding management it can be effectively controlled. In this article there will be complete guide about definition, classification, diagnosis, prevention & treatment options for … Read more

Discover Importance of canine teeth ..?? Do you really know..??- 07/2023

Function of Canine Teeth

canine tooth importance, function of canine tooth ,orthodontic importance of canine tooth , fun facts about dentistry ,carnivorous teeth, teeth, Eye teeth. InĀ mammalian oral anatomy theĀ canine teeth, also calledĀ cuspids,Ā dog teeth,Ā eye teeth,Ā vampire teeth, orĀ vampire fangs, are the relatively long, pointedĀ teeth. In the context of the upper jaw, they are also known asĀ fangs. They can appear more … Read more