types of embrasures

Gingival embrasures, also known as gingival triangles/ Black triangls , are the small, triangular spaces that exist between the teeth and the gum tissue.

Anatomy of Gingival embrasures
• These triangular spaces are formed by the intersection of the curvature of the teeth and the surrounding gingiva.

• The shape and size of gingival embrasures can vary depending on the individual’s dental anatomy, but generally, they are wider in the anterior region and narrower in the posterior region.

Embrasures Types / types of embrasures –

Types of Gingival embrasures

Type-1 Gingival Embrasures
Embrasures with tight contact zones & Interdental Papilla.

Type -2 Gingival Embrasures
Embrasures with concave interproximal surface & Moderate Papillary recession.

Type-3 Gingival Embrasures
Embrasures with Complete Loss of Papilla.

Role of Gingival embrasures –

  1. Function
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Oral Health


• Play a crucial role in maintaining the health and aesthetics of the oral cavity.

• The importance of gingival embrasures lies in their ability to facilitate the self-cleaning of the teeth and gums.

• As food particles and plaque accumulate in the mouth, the gingival embrasures act as a natural trap, allowing the cheeks and tongue to remove debris and bacteria, thereby preventing the development of dental caries and periodontal disease.


• Well-formed gingival embrasures also contribute to the overall appearance of the smile, as they provide a natural, harmonious transition between the teeth and gums.

Oral health

• In cases where the gingival embrasures are underdeveloped or irregularly shaped, oral hygiene can be compromised, and restorative procedures may be necessary to restore the natural contours of the teeth and gums.

Importance of Gingival embrasures/ types of embrasures for Dentist –

Dentists and oral hygienists often assess the health and morphology of gingival embrasures during routine dental examinations, as they can serve as an indicator of overall oral health.

Dentist also recommends different types of interdental cleaning Aids for different types of Gingival Embrasures.

For e.g.

Type -1 gingival Embrasures Dental Floss
Type -2 gingival EmbrasuresInterdental /, Proxa Brush
Type -3 gingival EmbrasuresUnitufted toothbrush
Types of Gingival Embrasures & interdental cleaning Aids.

Conclusion –

By maintaining good oral hygiene habits and visiting the dentist regularly, individuals can ensure the health and integrity of their gingival embrasures, thereby promoting a beautiful and healthy smile.